Ideas behind ‘Channel 4 young producers scheme’:

I decided to come up with the ‘Channel 4 young producers scheme’ to include in my article as I felt it would give off a more edgy and fresh vibe to our documentary. Young people can relate to other young people, and having a documentary produced by young people is the best way to get through to a target audience of predominantly young people!

The Channel 4 young producers scheme is something I made up myself. It’s a scheme created by Channel 4 to help young producers find their way in the world of documentary and film. I thought it would be a really successful way of appealing to a young audience as the content of the documentary would have been created solely by young people. Often documentaries get stereotypes as being quite boring and slow paced, we wanted to show that our documentary was fresh, fast, vibrant and anything but boring! I introduced the idea of the young producers scheme in my article to make sure the reader understood exactly what it was. I also introduced the young producers who had produced the documentary to let the audience see the type of people who were getting involved in the scheme. Not only does this promote the Channel 4 scheme but it allows the audience to feel as if they have gotten-to-know the people behind the documentary. It’s always regarded as a positive thing hearing the point-of-view of the producers.


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