Final article:

I’m really pleased with the final outcome of the article. I tried very hard to achieve the style of a Time Out article and feel I managed this successfully. I used a colour scheme of red and grey which i feel is up-beat, vibrant and visually appealing. I wanted to use a vibrant colour scheme to ensure my article looked as if it was intended for a young audience. Boring articles that lack in colour and vibrance wouldn’t appeal to a young, fresh target audience. I tried very hard to achieve the correct tone of voice in my article, I wanted to create a friendly, chatty, descriptive, informal but informative tone of voice and I feel I achieved this. Although the content of the article is very important, it has to also be visually appealing to successfully attract a target audience and I can proudly say I feel the article is very visually appealing. The combination of the vibrant colour scheme and quirky images taken from the documentary work really well together and show the reader exactly what to expect from the documentary.


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